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The FresYes Quiz

‘Tis the season to take a super easy quiz and score some sweet FresYes Swag! It’s also the season to be Jolly, and Merry, and Happy and something about Yule tide carols – do all of that too, but first take the quiz!

What’s Hot & Happening December 8 – 10

Let’s not get swept away by the holiday craziness this year. Let’s slow down, chill out, and really savor the time with our loved ones. Here’s a few ideas and opportunities to do that this weekend!

Discover the Magic of Winter Wonderland in Hanford: A Perfect Holiday Mini Trip

Hanford’s Winter Wonderland is something truly unique and special for Valley residents to enjoy; it’s a place for festive joy and community. Whether you’re gliding under the starry sky, savoring a magical breakfast, or engaging in a friendly game of Broomball, this holiday season in at Hanford’s Winter Wonderland promises to be a special one.

The 2024 FresYes Pet Calendar

The 2024 FresYes Pet Calendar is here and ready to order. Buy one for everyone you know. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to pet related charities picked by the winners!

Die Hard is a Christmas Movie!

was released in July 1988, and has become a staple of Christmas programming on television and streaming services since. That would make it 35 years old!
But, is it a Christmas Movie?

The FresYes Quiz!

We had so much fun with the last quiz of FresYes topics that we’re going to do it again this week. Do you know your FresYes? Let’s see…

What’s Hot & Happening December 1-3

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? The holiday Season is undeniably here and we hope you are getting out there and enjoying our Winter Wonderland. We’ve got some really great things for you to do this weekend!

The FresYes Christmas Poll

You might be naughty or you might be nice. Either way, in the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas we have 12 questions for you! Make no mistake, Santa is going to know how you feel about question 11.

Where to hear Christmas Music in Fresno (LIVE!)

There is something magical about listening to Christmas music. That said, the best Christmas Music is performed LIVE and we have the list where you can hear LIVE Christmas music near you!