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The FresYes Interview: EZPak Bins

There’s no doubt that moving is stressful. EZPak Bins is a locally owned company that took a smart approach to reduce that stress in a unique way!

FresYes Pet of the Week Contest

This week it’s Bella that emerged as a clear cut winner – Congrats Bella! If you are keeping track that’s 8 winners, which means we have just 4 more to go. Who’s going to win this week?

The FresYes Quiz!

The FresYes quiz is a weekly recap of our posts, and social content that happened this week. The best part about it is that it’s really easy and you can win stuff just by taking the quiz.

What’s Hot & Happening September 15 – 17

The world is full of fascinating people with unique traditions and stories and Fresno certainly has it’s share. This is a great week to explore other cultures, even if they’re not your own.

The FresYes Interview: Toastmasters

Proper and better communication is a great skill to have and build upon which is why we’ve donated space to the Toastmasters here in Fresno for years. Learn more about them in this great interview!