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FresYes Interview: Dads Cookies

This is one of those interviews that is sure to make your mouth water. We also suggest having a gallon of your favorite milk iced down and ready to go. Nothing goes better than Dads Cookies and ice cold milk!

How to tell if your corn is low in K or N

In terms a 3rd grader would understand, we’ll help explain how to diagnose “K or N” deficiencies on your “C or N” crop – and we do it all with a bit of humor!

What’s Hot & Happening June 2 – 4

This weekend is going to be hot. Not incredibly hot, just warm warm hot. That’s ok, because we’ve got quite a few things for you to do and stay cool while doing it!

What’s Hot & Happening May 26 -28

It’s a beautiful 3 day weekend and we’ve assembled some great things for you to do but maybe more importantly we’ve got 5 ways to make the most of it. Enjoy!